Subaru Stages Modification Guide

At TGA, we would love to help you make smart decisions on modifying your vehicle. Useless parts are sold non-stop, so these guides are just suggestions based on our past experiences. This is not supposed to be an exclusive list, but more of a great base for a continuously modified vehicle.

First off, do your research whenever you modify your car from OEM specifications. Make a plan for the future of your vehicle, talk with your installer BEFORE you start purchasing parts, and understand most aftermarket parts do not mate well with other brands. Here are some of our suggested modifications for certain stages; Feel free to make suggestions as this should be an ongoing list. Anything past Stage 2, you want to start looking for a backup source of transportation. A highly modified Subaru requires constant monitoring, just like any race car.


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Stage 1

Tuner, intake, catback, mild suspension

TGA recommendations:

  • Cobb Accessport
  • Catback exhaust
  • Short Shifter/ shifter bushings
  • Steering rack bushings
  • Subframe lock down bolts (02-07)
  • Anti-lift kit
  • Wheel/ tire upgrades for summer/winter use
  • Exterior accessories
  • A habit of checking your oil levels at every gas tank!

Stage 2 (270-350hp)

Stage 1, turbo back exhaust, adjustable suspension, cooling system, oil system

TGA recommendations:

  • Downpipe
  • Sway bars and endlinks
  • Subframe bushings (08+)
  • Stage 2 off the shelf map
  • Air/Oil seperator
  • Heat shielding (downpipe/turbo)
  • High quality oil
  • Spring/ Strut upgrades
  • Brake pad/rotor/fluid upgrades
  • High Performance driving lessons
  • A helmet for track use (SA2010+)
  • Driving apparel (shoes/ gloves)
  • Spark plug upgrade

Stage 2+ (350- 450hp)

Stage 2, E85, turbo, fuel pump, injectors, clutch, pistons, EWG

TGA recommendations:

  • E85 conversion (fuel pump, injectors, tune)
  • Clutch upgrade
  • Forged pistons
  • External Wastegate
  • Headers
  • Aggressive suspension (fully adjustable suspension)
  • Racing brake pads, rotors
  • Track use only tires/wheels
  • Safety equipment (cage, racing seat belts, etc...)
  • Aluminum radiator
  • Electronic boost controller
  • Top mount or front mount intercooler upgrade
  • Weight reduction
  • Gauge monitoring (AFR, Oil PSI/ Temp, Boost)

Stage 3 or higher (450hp+)

Stage 2, larger turbo,  drivetrain, suspension

TGA recommendations:

  • Engine rods, pistons, camshafts, valves
  • Blueprinted custom engine
  • Bore Sleeves
  • Larger turbo 25psi+
  • Coilover suspension
  • Race spec cage/ safety gear
  • Aero additions
  • Engine/drivetrain mounts
  • Racing school
  • Tow rig/ trailer

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