TGA Performance - Dyno Dynamics 450DS AWD Dynamometer

 Baselines are available 1st & 2nd Fridays of each month


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Stand Alone and Cobb Tuning ECU Management

  • TGA Performance offers Pro Tuning services for Cobb ECU Management Systems, all stand alone systems, HP Tuners, and more!
  • Cobb Pro Tuner Certified 
  • Multi-point Pre Dyno Inspection included 
  • Maps available for all fuel types
  • Single Fuel Tunes - $850
  • Dual Fuel Tunes - $1500
  • Ecutek Tune - $1500
  • Stand Alone Tuning -$2000
  • Baseline Pulls (3) - Starting at $200
  • $150 non-refundable deposit required prior to scheduling dyno time

Power Capabilities

  • Measure power from 1HP up to 2,400 HP
  • Measure axle torque up to 9,200 ft lbs
  • Max speed limit of 150 mph

Benefits and Features

  • TGA Performance has the most flexible dyno option, the ability to tune RWD, FWD and AWD vehicles
  • We are able to tune race ready vehicles with the high power capability of the quad retarder option
  • We are able to diagnose engine and transmission faults in 4WD, RWD & FWD vehicles
  • Our Dyno offers Steady State capabilities- Hold at an exact RPM without wandering, cutting down your tuning time
  • All Dyno Dynamics dynos have passed C-Tick compliance. Square cut knurling- Our in house knurling process makes sure that our rollers are non-aggressive on tires
  • The TGA Performance Dyno is engineered and assembled by the highly skilled team in Lilydale, Victoria, Australia     


We Tune

COBB Tuning




HP Tuners

MoTeC (special cases)

 We DO NOT Tune




:Chips / Piggyback

:AEM F/I controller

:Chrome flash


:AEM Infinity


TGA Performance Dyno Tuning