TGA Performance - Team Member Introductions 

How did we get into cars?  Want to know our background?  

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Name: Jake Graham, Owner & Lead Mechanic


Car: 2007 UGM Subaru WRX STI STI Ltd #247


Favorite Mod: Electronic exhaust cut out


Subaru History: I started my Subaru enthusiasm working for Heuberger Motors as an Internet Sales rep in 2007. From there I gained a vast knowledge of the company and embraced the community that surrounds the car brand. Once I found out the 08’ STI was to be a wagon, I decided to purchase a new limited as a ‘grown up’ edition to the turn key track car. Since then I’ve been on many road racing tracks around the country; competing in time trial events and teaching others to gain the full potential of their skills and their car’s capabilities. As of now I’m sure I’ve turned a wrench on every make and model that Subaru has produced since the late 80’s.


Outside Subaru: I grew up in Texas outside of Fort Worth living on a 45 acre ostrich, cattle, and horse ranch. My mechanical knowledge first started working for a lawn and tractor repair shop in the summers. It built from there working on anything from weed-eaters to rock crawlers to race cars. I came to Colorado via the Air Force after high school where I was stationed here as an Aeromedical Technician. After my 4 years, I went into sales and ultimately ended up as a Farmers Insurance agent locally (…not from State Farm), and later I formed TGA once my schooling was finished in both marketing and auto mechanics. Outside the shop I also compete in triathlons and multi-sport adventure racing or spend long weekends in the mountains with my wife and dog. 


Name: John Bostwick, Lead Tuner

Car: 2011 WRB Subaru WRX

Favorite Mod: E85 Fuel Tune 

Subaru History: I bought my first WRX six years ago and fell in love. After about a year of owning the car I decided I was going to put every aftermarket part I could bolt on. Now I build and tinker with it when I can find the time, in between work and Bandimere on the weekends. With a few more years as an Automotive Technician I became involved with tuning and dyno, where I now spend the majority of my time.   

Outside Subarus: As a big time skier who was used to the hills of East Coast, I grew up in envy of the snow in the Rocky Mountains. So after high school I moved to Colorado to spend my winters playing in the snow. With more than seven pairs of skis in my collection, I am always looking for more. In the summers I try and get out on the boat and get some waterskiing in. Pretty much anything with speed and the outdoors, I'm probably interested. 


Name: Greg Frank, Shop Manager


Car: 2015 Molten Orange Ford Fiesta ST


Favorite Mod: Cobb Accessport


Subaru History: My first Subaru was a 2005 Impreza with a few bells and whistles under the hood. A full STI motor swap, stand alone ECU, and front mount intercooler were some of the nicer upgrades I did to it. After that I got into a Saabaru for a while, a Forester after that, and a hand full of BMW's in between. I love to Rally Cross and have gone through various cars as I continue my Rally career. 


Outside Subaru: I am a third generation rancher, raised about an hour South East of Colorado Springs. I grew up competing in Demolition Derby's and working on the farm until I moved to Colorado Springs for college. I attended school at Pikes Peak Community College and The University of Colorado Colorado Springs where I also met my wife. Now I like to spend my free time fixing up old BMWs.


Name: Rory Chinatti, Automotive Technician


Car: 1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4


Favorite Mod: Haltech ECU


Subaru History: My Subie history is short and sweet, I have never owned one. But they are my favorite to work on. I have been working on cars since I was a teenager and started professionally in 2007. I like working on mostly Japanese Domestic's but anything that goes fast really.


Outside Subaru: I grew up in Boulder, Colorado and went on to play Football at University of Northern Colorado where I majored in Criminal Justice and Economics. When I'm not working on cars I like to lift weights and at one time was a Physique Body Builder. I am relatively new to Colorado Springs and looking forward to all the adventure it holds. 

Name: Shaun Francisco, Media Director


Car: 2016 ISM Subaru Impreza WRX STI


Favorite Mod: Invida Catless Downpipe


Subaru History: I bought my first Subie, a 06' WRX TR while I was in college. I was looking for something that would get me back and fourth to school and up to the mountians in the winter with great relialability. So it was an easy choice to get a Subaru. Keeping as more of a daily so the folks could still use it, I purchased a 16' STI later on making the next step in Subie evolution. The STI sits on all bolts ons with a 91 Pro Tune. 


Outside Subaru: I am a Colorado Springs native who just couldn't get enough of my home town. After high school I moved out of the area and bounced around all over the state, mainly trying to chase the snow. I spend my time outside the shop wakeboarding, surfing, skating, snowboarding, anything with a board pretty much or messing around with my Subaru's.


Name: Daniel Walker, Automotive Technician


Car: 1998 Toyota 4Runner


Favorite Mod: Five Speed Transmisson Swap


Subaru History: I have been through many cars in my time, too many to remember. I have had a hand full or Subarus but my favorite has to be 1988 Toyota Alltrac that I keep running like a charm. I've seen a bunch of cars in my time as a mechanic but Toyotas and Subarus are my favorite to work on. 


Outside Subaru: In my spare time I like to restore classic cars like my 67' Chevy Pickup or go rock crawling in my Toyota. I've been working on cars as long as I can remember, growing up I used to always help my dad work on his 67' Chevy Chevelle SS.