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Name: Jake Graham, Engine Dept Manager


Car: 2007 STI Ltd #247/ 2018 WRX Race car


Favorite Mod: Electronic Exhaust Cut Out


Subaru History: I started my Subaru enthusiasm working for Heuberger Motors as an Internet Sales rep in 2007. From there I gained a vast knowledge of the company and embraced the community that surrounds the car brand. Once I found out the 08’ STI was to be a wagon, I decided to purchase a new limited as a ‘grown up’ edition to the turn key track car. Since then I’ve been on many road racing tracks around the country; competing in time trial events and teaching others to gain the full potential of their skills and their car’s capabilities. As of now I’m sure I’ve turned a wrench on every make and model that Subaru has produced since the late 80’s.


Outside Subaru: I grew up in Texas outside of Fort Worth living on a 45 acre ostrich, cattle, and horse ranch. My mechanical knowledge first started working for a lawn and tractor repair shop in the summers. It built from there working on anything from weed-eaters to rock crawlers to race cars. I came to Colorado via the Air Force after high school where I was stationed here as an Aeromedical Technician. After my 4 years, I went into sales and ultimately ended up as a Farmers Insurance agent locally (…not from State Farm), and later I formed TGA once my schooling was finished in both marketing and auto mechanics. Outside the shop I focus on family and racing.


Name: Judy Faass, Bookkeeping / Parts Manager


Car: 2016 Jeep Patriot 


Favorite Mod: The Driver


Subaru History: I've never owned a Subaru, but I have taught several of them (and their owners) how to play at the racetrack. My favorite part of any Subaru is that distinctive "growl".


Outside Subaru: I'm originally from Atlanta, Georgia and now I make my home in the beautiful mountains of Salida Colorado, where I have lived for 5 years. When I'm not working for others, I spend my time hiking, biking, camping and exploring nature in the vast wilderness, otherwise known as my backyard of spiritual freedom. I own the FAASST Performance Driving School, the John Lee Memorial Soap Box Derby Fund (501c3), and I'm an author of 3 books.


NAME: Alex Matticola, Asst Manager

Car: 2013 Plasma Blue Pearl Subaru WRX  


Favorite Mod:  Bucket Seats 

Subaru HistoryMy Subaru background started during my junior year of high school. My first car was a 2013 Subaru WRX Hatchback, the same car I still have today. I have always had the urge to learn how things worked and when I discovered how modular Subaru’s are, my passion blossomed. From applying vinyl wrap to custom fabricating modifications, installing parts to racing the car, you name it and I did it. There’s nothing quite like the sweet sweet sound of a Subaru rumble on a cold winter's morning. I plan to continue my profession in the Subaru aftermarket and racing world and I am excited to see where this lifestyle brings me.

Outside Subaru:  I was born and raised in Colorado Springs Colorado and have lived here my entire life. My hands-on mechanical background started when I was a wee little lad. I found my liking for engineering and designing at a young age. My creative mindset and my ambitious goals have allowed me to be where I am today. I am currently attending Colorado State University in Pueblo Colorado and will have my Automotive Industry Management degree in spring of 2023. After that I plan to dive head first into anything and everything Subaru. When I’m not hanging out with my friends and family, you can always find me doing something that involves anything car related whatsoever.

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