TGA Performance - Team Member Introductions


How did we get into cars?  Want to know our background?  

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Name: Jake Graham, Owner & Lead Mechanic


Car: 2007 UGM Subaru WRX STI STI Ltd #247


Favorite Mod: Electronic Exhaust Cut Out


Subaru History: I started my Subaru enthusiasm working for Heuberger Motors as an Internet Sales rep in 2007. From there I gained a vast knowledge of the company and embraced the community that surrounds the car brand. Once I found out the 08’ STI was to be a wagon, I decided to purchase a new limited as a ‘grown up’ edition to the turn key track car. Since then I’ve been on many road racing tracks around the country; competing in time trial events and teaching others to gain the full potential of their skills and their car’s capabilities. As of now I’m sure I’ve turned a wrench on every make and model that Subaru has produced since the late 80’s.


Outside Subaru: I grew up in Texas outside of Fort Worth living on a 45 acre ostrich, cattle, and horse ranch. My mechanical knowledge first started working for a lawn and tractor repair shop in the summers. It built from there working on anything from weed-eaters to rock crawlers to race cars. I came to Colorado via the Air Force after high school where I was stationed here as an Aeromedical Technician. After my 4 years, I went into sales and ultimately ended up as a Farmers Insurance agent locally (…not from State Farm), and later I formed TGA once my schooling was finished in both marketing and auto mechanics. Outside the shop I also compete in triathlons and multi-sport adventure racing or spend long weekends in the mountains with my wife and dog. 


Name: John Bostwick, Lead Tuner

Car: 2011 WRB Subaru WRX

Favorite Mod: E85 Fuel Tune 

Subaru History: I bought my first WRX six years ago and fell in love. After about a year of owning the car I decided I was going to put every aftermarket part I could bolt on. Now I build and tinker with it when I can find the time, in between work and Bandimere on the weekends. With a few more years as an Automotive Technician I became involved with tuning and dyno, where I now spend the majority of my time.   

Outside Subaru: As a big time skier who was used to the hills of East Coast, I grew up in envy of the snow in the Rocky Mountains. So after high school I moved to Colorado to spend my winters playing in the snow. With more than seven pairs of skis in my collection, I am always looking for more. In the summers I try and get out on the boat and get some waterskiing in. Pretty much anything with speed and the outdoors, I'm probably interested. 

Name: Judy Faass, Bookkeeping / Parts Manager


Car: 2016 Jeep Patriot 


Favorite Mod: The Driver


Subaru History: I've never owned a Subaru, but I have taught several of them (and their owners) how to play at the racetrack. My favorite part of any Subaru is that distinctive "growl".


Outside Subaru: I'm originally from Atlanta, Georgia and now I make my home in the beautiful mountains of Salida Colorado, where I have lived for 5 years. When I'm not working for others, I spend my time hiking, biking, camping and exploring nature in the vast wilderness, otherwise known as my backyard of spiritual freedom. I own the FAASST Performance Driving School, the John Lee Memorial Soap Box Derby Fund (501c3), and I'm an author of 3 books.