TGA Sponsorship


Starting at: $75.00

Ever wanted to have your name on a racecar and support your favorite shop? 

Tiered program ranging from a specialized decal and your name on the roof of TGA's shop car, No. 5, all the way to locking in discounted rates on parts or labor!

Tier Breakdowns:

$75 - Special edition TGA Sponsor Decal & YOUR NAME on TGA's No. 5 Special Time Attack Car!

$150 - All in prior tier, PLUS, TGA Sponsor Shirt and one time 5% off any parts order!

$250 - All in prior tier, PLUS, TGA shop hat and one time 10% off any parts order!

$500 - All in prior tier, BUT 10% off Parts AND Labor for an entire year!


$500 tier may be renewed annually.

Discounts are only valid on future sales; cannot be retroactively added to existing bills.

In the notes, please include your shirt size (if applicable) and name to be added to No. 5's roof (Please LIMIT 25 characters and keep it PG-13). Special requests please send us a private message/email.


Availability: In stock

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